Yoga Se Hi Hoga 2021


Challenge & Objectives:

The challenge was to get the kids to understand the importance of practicing Yoga at the same time while keeping it fun and light. Our objective was simple – to create the same level of excitement for the Yoga day celebration as we did in the past year and make it bigger and better, with new communication.

Creative Solution:

Making it a wholesome experience by turning the week-long Yoga day celebration into a contest series which would drive the kiddies to not only participate but also share the fun with us via stories and posts.

Strategy & Execution:

We ran a week-long campaign with the support of the Ministry of Ayush & Sarva foundation and created smart posts and story formats that educated the kids about Yoga, its health benefits, how to practice and the correct way of doing so. Ofcourse, we had the toon element to bring out the spirit of Nick in all of our creatives which we even termed as ‘toon asanas,’ and got the posts popping all over the gram!

We kickstarted the campaign with a fun invite post and then went onto give them reminders to add Yoga to their calendars, master the poses under the guidance of their favourite toons and become a pro because #YogaSeHiHoga.


Impact OR Results:

The campaign reached 15,51,937 kids across all our brands with an engagement rate of 10.65%.

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