WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow: Ep 23 ft Shivani Mehta

The latest episode of WFH Diaries Leaders of Tomorrow chapter gives a glimpse of how working from home has looked like in these five months for Shivani Mehta.

“My day starts early between some basic household chores like dusting, brooming, prepping for breakfast and lunch for the family,” says Shivani Mehta, Group Account Manager, SoCheers. Post which she sits to make her TDL because, at the end of the day when she sees those ticks, it’s a different sense of accomplishment for her.

Mehta’s WFH hours consist of the usual brainstorming virtual sessions, team calls, also some calls just to talk and crack lame jokes to keep the vibes alive. “Taking small breaks and getting up at regular intervals to do a little bit of stretching or just walk around in the room or just kind of change places is one of my favorite things during this phase,” she shares.

Second is getting habituated to drinking a lot of water. “‘Because green tea, coffee, sab ek jagah hai- but paani ka kaam sirf paani karta hai boss,” Mehta exclaims.

Another habit that she has developed during the lockdown is trying to wrap up her work as soon as possible so that it lives a little time at her disposal to do some exercise to balance health & indulgences.
Mehta ends her day either catching up on shows or playing a game of scrabble or switching off digitally completely.

Watch the video to see Mehta pulling of WFH while going for night walks, listening to music, and ‘ghar ka kaam’.