Founded in 1946, Wacoal is a premium Japanese lingerie brand built with one objective in mind – helping women feel beautiful through comfortable undergarments. With women at the forefront of all that they do, they’ve always made a point to stand for different causes concerning them – breast cancer being one of them.



To increase awareness about breast cancer while establishing Wacoal’s presence as a brand that’s truly concerned for the well-being of their consumers

Challenges Faced:


Ever wondered why breast cancer isn’t spoken about much in India? The primary reason is the lack of awareness on the subject. Breast self-exams are rarely conducted in India because most women don’t know what symptoms to look out for. In a country where breasts are a taboo subject, it’s no surprise that women lack access to information that can help them take better care of their breasts.
Numerous lingerie brands in the market also speak about breast cancer awareness. So, Wacoal had to break through the clutter as a brand that not only stood for the cause but also spearheaded the movement while establishing its presence.

Creative Solution:


One of the most crucial steps toward breast cancer prevention is getting regular tests and mammograms. However, we wanted to urge women to take action at the grassroots level through a test that can be conducted from the comfort of their homes i.e. breast self-exams. To do this, we devised the #WacoalKnowsBreast 3-finger pose, embodying the message that one can do a self-test in just 3 easy steps.



The #WacoalKnowsBreast campaign commenced on 1st October, 2022. Our social feed was painted pink in significance of Pink October to represent an important cause: promoting breast cancer awareness.
The campaign kickstarted with a teaser post to help create buzz which was followed by spreading awareness via a series of posts on different topics related to breast cancer like how to do the self-test, what signs to look out for, etc.
This was further accompanied by the announcement of the 3 finger pose challenge. This challenge consisted of posting a photo with the pose while tagging other women to remind them to take care of their breast health. Influencers across the board pledged their support as they urged women to perform regular breast self-exams too.


Offline, the Wacoal stores were transformed with danglers and decor to remind women to keep their breast health in check. Additionally, reminder stickers on trial room mirrors prompted women to examine their breasts while trying on lingerie. With every in-store purchase, women were also given bag tags that depicted how to perform the breast self-exam. This helped not only get women to do breast self-exams but also taught them exactly how to do it!


Prolific influencers like Arshya Khullar, Eesha Malkani, Ishita Anand, Srijan Chanta, and Jyoti Thakur from different pockets of Instagram like fashion, fitness, and lifestyle joined in to support the cause. Through the Wacoal page, we were proud to have reached out and helped women all over India learn a little more about their breasts!

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