Together For Good

Challenge & Objectives:


The pandemic was a tough time both physically and mentally for everyone, including kids. Grief, fear, uncertainty, social isolation, increased screen time, and parental fatigue negatively impact kids’ mental well-being. The lockdown disrupted friendships and families, which are the bedrock of a child’s growth.
In these dark times, there were a few good things that came out. One was the lowering of mental stigmas. People voiced their anxieties, and it was okay to not be okay. Nickelodeon has always focused on creating an environment that promotes children’s growth and their all-round well-being.
The goal was simple: build a campaign that creates a safe space for them to listen to the notifications their heart and head are sending them


Creative Solution:


The toons were showcased, giving solutions and fun tips to de-stress and reconnect to happiness. We used fun and smart post formats to drive one message: how to take a break.

Strategy & Execution:


We ran a 3-week long campaign with phase-wise communication. We started off the campaign by setting context and highlighting the signals kids should be focusing on. We tapped into trending reel and post formats to drive our communication. We also crafted conversational posts between the heart and the brain showcasing the dilemma they face when under stress.

Social Amplification:


Through the campaign we helped kids identify signals like stress, anxiety, and fatigue which usually go unnoticed. Tips, tricks, and measures were also suggested which they could use to manage their mental health.


To amplify the initiative, we onboarded instructors who creatively taught stress-relieving activities, illustrators who visually communicated the core idea, and collaborated with influencer duos of Mommy and Kids; where the mommy influencers educated their kids on the different emotions their minds can go through and how they can tackle them and prevent burnout.

The campaign was concluded with an interactive Instagram live session with trainers who shared tips on how to identify, be mindful as well as tackle stressful emotions

Impact OR Results


The campaign had a reach of 535K+ on Instagram, 19.4M on Facebook along with an engagement of 30K+ on Instagram and 39K+ on Facebook.


Campaign Phase Timeline (Tentative) Activity
Phase 1 – Pre Launch 12th – 13th March Creating pre-buzz by telling our audience what signs they missing out on and issues they have faced and how they can look after their mental health
Phase 2 -Launch 14th – 20th March Create content showcasing how our toons deal with stressful situations. Create awareness about different mental health problems through collaborations and integrating toons
Phase 3 Sustenance 21st- 3rd April Talk about measures our audience can take to take care of their mental health

Campaign Dates: 12th March 2022 – 4th April

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