The Big Move campaign highlights global exposure & growth opportunities for potential employees, through unique jobs available at TCS. The campaign also showcases how making this big move will help maximize even an experienced candidate’s potential and provide the perfect platform to showcase their talent.


Challenge/ Problem Statement:


There’s a perception about TCS that it is just an IT & Ops Organization which holds it back from highlighting its futuristic image and the growth exposure it offers to the potential employees, globally.
Our challenge was to tackle this issue and showcase TCS as an organization that is not only future-oriented but also offers unique job roles.



To highlight some of the unique job roles available at TCS through a real imagery + illustration based design approach with smart & indirect copies.

Creative Solution


Typical hiring formats in the IT sector prioritise jobs over skills. These ads fail to grab the eyeballs of potential employees.
Our strategy was to highlight the essence of job roles in a unique manner through a real image+vector design approach. Our crisp wordplays helped capture our TG’s attention and asked them if they’ve got the skills and what it takes to be a part of TCS.



We followed a real image + illustration/vector based design route in order to depict the essence of each job role creatively through a carousel format. We further added details to the creatives by using relevant elements for the job roles mentioned. These creatives were complemented with a crisp creative copy which highlighted the skills in an indirect manner.
We also roped in the trending ‘Guess The Right Poll’ format and tied it to fake job offers, communicating how one should be careful while applying for jobs and the only way to apply at TCS online is through iBegin (portal)
In order to make the campaign more relatable, we’ve extended it to reels where TCSers are participating and highlighting what skills one should have to be a part of TCS, making it more personalised.

Impact OR Results

The campaign received a total of 580K+ reach, 1.8M+ impressions and 33K+ link clicks organically. Our reel videos received a total of 126K+ views organically.

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