The SoCheers Life

It’s been 7 years since my career journey began with SoCheers & when I look back now, it’s overwhelming to see where I started from & how far I’ve come!

Rewind to 2013, I graduated with a degree of Bachelors in Mass Media & decided to go with the flow. After 1 month of chilling & partying, I realized I needed money to pay those food bills & saw a job posting on Media Jobs Daily by SoCheers & decided to apply. I was initially sceptical since it was a Start Up (I was the 2nd employee to get hired), but as soon as I stepped into that 3BHK apartment, I knew that was the place for me! Little did I know that this decision was going to become a stepping stone of my career & also a journey of a lifetime.

I joined as a Client Servicing Intern & soon saw myself doing everything from content writing to design to business development along with servicing because joining a start-up also meant learning on the job & let that passion keep you going at all times. And just like that our team grew & it was 8 of us, including Mehul & Siddharth (Co-Founders of SoCheers).

Those initial days of my job, I knew I’d found a 2nd family in SoCheers. We had icebreaker & chill sessions every Friday evening for every new person that joined. Every day was a fun day and nothing could bring us down, except when we were at the opposite ends of the Foosball table. We celebrated the smallest joys, I remember when the Foosball table first arrived, everyone got busy in assembling the table, assembling it wrong & then reassembling it again.

And soon after, we also participated in the Heineken Foosball League and we reached the National Finals. What a day that was!

We only grew further from there, even moved to a bigger office space with newer clients from various sectors – Hospitality, Clothing, etc & there was no looking back. In 2015, I even moved to another agency for a brief period, to explore better opportunities. Cut to 1 year later, I was looking for a change again & SoCheers had expanded further to another office and during the inauguration party, I remember having a conversation with Mehul about looking for a job. The next morning, I got a text from him asking me to come to office & I asked, “What time should I come for the interview?” and he said, “I’m asking you to join.” And just like that, I was back at this place I called my 2nd home!

I rejoined in 2016 as Manager, Brand Experience & with a team of 3 crazy girls – Sumtiha ShettyRavisha Sharma & Jolynn Dsouza, we were all set to conquer the #AgencyLife, one client at a time. But, I was new to being a manager & over a period of time, I had to accept challenges like tackling difficult situations when the team is in trouble, knowing when to put my foot down in front of the client, what to & what not to say to my team members & so on. To sum it up, it was a learning process & as I embraced each day as it came, I grew a little every day.

A lot of my firsts have been associated with SoCheers:

–> First job

–> First 5+ people team

–> First trip to Goa (you know how important this one is)

–> First international trip to Bangok for a shoot for Eyetex Dazller

–> Covered Sunburn Festival live & got a chance to interact with International Music Artists along with an amazing team

–> First key account – Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan

–> First ever Award for Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan by Maddies

–> First Leadership Training that changed my perspective towards work & life

–> Covered IIFA Awards 2019 live with the help of amazing on ground & back end team

–> 2 Webby Honorees (2019 & 2020) in a row for 2 consecutive years for Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan

–> Nominated for Social Samosa Super Women 2019 & 2020

My 2nd innings (as everyone calls it) at SoCheers, has been nothing short of an exciting adventure with endless learnings. And I look forward to some more madness in the coming year(s).

Special thanks to:

Mehul Gupta & Siddharth Devnani – For believing in me & taking that risk with a complete fresher back then. (It turned out to be one of the best decisions of your lives. :P)

Rajni Daswani – For being my mentor through it all & tolerating my tantrums for all these years.

Nabh Gupta – For trusting me & giving me an opportunity to work on multiple Amazon Originals & I can’t thank you enough for all the learnings that have helped me grow professionally.

So, Cheers to 7 years of this maddening experience we call #TheSoCheersLife!

By Tanvi Bosmia,

Group Account Manager, SoCheers