The Family Man



Amazon original, The Family Man was a tentpole original from India. The story revolves around the life of an analyst, Srikant Tiwari from the TASC whose job is to predict security threats to the nation and find ways to stop it. All our marketing strategies were focused on showcasing his double life, that of being a ‘World Class Spy’ set against his contrasting simple middle-class family life.


Challenges & Objectives:


Beyond what was showcased in the web show itself, our objective was to build onto Srikant as a character & make the audience feel his pain of always having to choose between work & family.The show is aesthetically to please the mass middle-class audience in India, but it was important that they discover it so that they can watch the show. Our primary objective was to make The Family Man a much talked about title on the internet and driving brand attribution to Amazon Prime Video.

Creative Solution


-We devised a video strategy, with different concepts, each harping onto which essence of the show, the characters, show’s talent et al and eventually got more and more people to watch the show.

Strategy & Execution


– We built up a parallel video conceptual strategy to promote show’s characters with curated content across owned YouTube, Content Creators & Partners.
– Lie Detector Test: In this video we played with Srikant’s trait of lying to his family all the time in the show but the catch here was that we didn’t have Srikant in this video, instead we had his right hand, JK who sat with Srikant’s wife and kids because Srikant’s wife wanted to test the lie detector and she started asking various questions about Srikant. JK tried his best to protect Srikant as he knew he was living another life outside.
– Only Excuse October: Srikant was the master when it came to making excuses and we had to do a video where he spoke to the audience helping them with new and innovative excuses people could use in various situations!
– Epic Middle-class face-off: Last but not the least, the final trait was that the world class spy Srikant was just a middle-class guy at home and at his office so we did a collaboration with stand-up comedian Atul Khatri where he would come to Srikant’s office looking for a job but they end up rapping and talking about who’s more middle-class between them. Who won? Well, you will have to watch the video for that!

Impact OR Results


The Family Man became the most-watched show in India on Amazon Prime Video. Our Video Views on YT hit – 8.2Mn & Impressions – 200Mn+

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