Croma’s always been that uber-cool friend who encourages everyone to embrace technology, one gadget at a time. So when it came to their Women’s Day ask, we didn’t hesitate to take the first step to promote just that.

Challenge & Objectives:


Doesn’t everyone assume that women are bad at tech?
And if you’re a woman, there is a high chance you’ve faced these situations at some point.

Your dad helping you set up the TV, your brother lending a hand to fix your laptop, or your male colleague assisting you with something technical.
And while their help is always appreciated and valued…has there ever been a lingering thought that you could have done it yourself?
Let’s face it; Women, right from the start, have often been conditioned to ask for help when it comes to electronics, while men are the self-declared tech-savvy representatives of the house. This has led to women confining themselves into a box, rather than being self-reliant.

So, the objective was simple: to acknowledge the fact, that women don’t need unsolicited tech-advice, break the gender norms surrounding it and get women to #TechTheFirstStep themselves.

Creative Solution:


As a team that mainly consists of women, we looked inward and mapped all the stereotypes women have faced around electronics. A lot of brainstorming led us to settle on one phrase that women have heard throughout their lives: “Lao main kar deta hoon.” We then curated situations and took our audience through them via the best form of storytelling, a DVC.



Our #TechTheFirstStep DVC, tells the story of a 30-year-old woman. She’s seen unboxing a new smartphone and as she admires the phone, her husband offers his help to set it up. This leads to the unboxing of all her past experiences with gadgets,  where the men in her life have subconsciously offered to help her with technical tasks. Through all this, she realises that this time, she’s self-reliant and takes the first step to set up her new smartphone by herself.


You can watch the DVC

Impact OR Results


Our Women’s day activation inspired our audience to #TechTheFirstStep and garnered great traction!With a Reach of  57M,  65M Impressions,  242.9K Engagement on the post we saw a whopping 19 M views on our DVC.  

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