TBC | I See Ice Cream Everywhere

Challenge & Objectives


To establish the brand The Brooklyn Creamery, as a niche in the marketplace and break through the clutter of existing premium brands. And to create curiosity about the brand promise and value amongst the target audience.



Tapping into the feeling that when people are in love they dream about that person and see them everywhere, we associated the same sentiment for ice cream lovers with our launch campaign: ‘ I See Ice Cream Everywhere’ to get people buzzing about us!

Creative Solution


Visuals play a very imperative part in how a person sees a brand and relates to it, hence we decided to use a design first, visually appealing, strong creative approach.


For the execution, we played with the iconic places of Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, places that the cities were famous for and that would instantly strike a chord!

Brooklyn in pune-04
bangalore launch-08
3 (1)
Brooklyn in pune-06
1 (1)
bangalore launch-06
bangalore launch-04


Organically, we reached over ~32K+ (32867) people and received ~2K engagement on the posts on the gram. With the help of this, we also received ~1.7k+ profile visits!

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