Study In India

The Origin:

The Study in India initiative was officially launched on 18th April in Delhi in the presence of honourable ministers, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Dr. Satyapal Singh. Though we had launched on the 18th of April, we were already connecting with aspiring students at The Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) that took place on the 12th of April.



The Drawback:

India has always given the world the brightest minds. But what people are unaware of is the trove of knowledge and class of education our country offers and how it has changed the lives of countless students to ‘Diversify. Learn. Rise.’ # The Objective Building a brand image, recognition, opinions and initiating dialogue with the target audience across 30 countries.

The Insight:

We believe that India offers a wide platform for learning owing to its diverse culture and languages – it’s a hub for providing new experiences and opportunities to rise in your life. We took the idea of rich diversity of India forward and amalgamated it with the main propositions of value of money, technology advanced methods of learning and the magnanimity of the the number and quality of institutions India has to offer. This is how Diversify. Learn. Rise took shape.


The Horizon:

In accordance with the MHRD and MEA, we began with campaign led posts and country-level launches to show that India is ready to groom the future of international students on a competitive, global scale. The campaign translated into: Social media creatives, Content, Digital Videos, Brochure, Pen Drives, Diary, Invite, Standees, LED videos, Lanyards and ID cards, Newspaper advertisements and a lot more.






People Reached



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