SoCheers launches its in-house Digital Intelligence and Analytics division


SoCheers, a Mumbai-based independent digital-first advertising agency, has launched its in-house digital intelligence and analytics division. As the pandemic rages on, brands have shifted their focus on digital and continue to invest a considerable amount on digital marketing while revitalising their digital assets in a bid to connect with their target audience/customers during the “new normal.”

The launch of SoCheers’ new division comes at a time when brands are looking for solutions to optimize their marketing campaigns, understand brand equity, attribute success to campaigns while keeping a close eye on ROI. With investments in digital going up, the analysing of these spends, how it is moving the meter for the brand and where more money should be spent will be critical for brands.

SoCheers’ new division has 3 key offerings – (a) Social Media Analytics which comprises of insights and analytics about the brands’ social media pages, social media listening (conversation themes, sentiment analysis etc.), social influencer discovery and assessment, campaign analytics and actionable insights, competitor analytics along with industry-wide insights; (b) Digital Analytics which includes website analytics, digital campaign audits, organic search trend, understanding digital campaign and traffic impact, while keeping a track on brand mentions in news, blogs and other relevant forums and (c) Dashboard and Trackers which will provide brands with auto-generated reports directly to their inboxes. Scattered data points will be consolidated in one single report, supported with analysis, visualisations for easy understanding and quick comprehension coupled with key alerts at regular intervals.

Siddharth Devnani, Co-Founder at SoCheers, who is leading this new division said, “At SoCheers, we always seek to do something new and innovative for the brands we work with. Positive business outcomes are the end goal for brands and it is critical for these outcomes to be measured and tracked. With this division, we are aiming to help brands measure their success objectively with a data-driven approach.

“Brands are increasingly interested in understanding where and how ROI is being generated on digital platforms – and we strongly believe in asking these questions. This is why we are invested in digital intelligence and analytics”, Devnani added.

The introduction of this new business segment by SoCheers is to establish their expertise in the analytics space. While the agency has been delivering digital analytics solutions since inception, the new formalised division is launched to ensure a steadfast focus towards meeting the requirements of brands.

Mehul Gupta, Co-founder and CEO at SoCheers said, “While we see the digital world through exciting, experimental content and a place for endless opportunities, a lot of it eventually comes down to the numbers. Brands want to see ROI, especially where they can and invest smartly. If we understand the latter better, we can focus on optimising the former to achieve the intended targets. Our aim is to do exactly that, help brands understand, analyse and dissect numbers better.”

As SoCheers continues to offer a range of digital marketing/advertising solutions for their clients, the digital intelligence and analytics wing is an independent division providing brands with vital data and insights from a completely unbiased and objective standpoint.