Sixer’- a cricket-based series streaming on Amazon miniTV – the free OTT platform, is about the viral ‘gully’ cricket tournament set in the city of Indore. It’s the story of passionate players and  how despite all the odds they form a local cricket team to win the tournament. For the launch of the show, we wanted to spark curiosity and generate excitement amongst the audience by involving the participation of Yuvraj Singh, an icon revered in the realm of cricket. Thus, attracting the attention of cricket enthusiasts.

Challenge & Objective:


Amazon MiniTV is a platform that hosts many popular web-series and shows. However, its audience is predominantly leaning towards romantic shows. This presented a unique obstacle as it was launching a sports-oriented show for the first time. Considering the love of cricket in India, we wanted to hit the right target audience and create awareness around the show. Thus, the objective was to simply get the people to watch the show as well as have our core target audience (the millenials) create conversations around it. 

Creative Solution:


When the game of cricket intertwines with the term ‘sixer,’ there’s one name that comes to mind with unparalleled resonance—YUVI PAAJI. So, we took the strengths of Instagram to summon Yuvi Paaji with a sixer of a challenge. He accepted the challenge by commenting on the Instagram video. This stirred the curiosity and attention of the audience. Later, we launched the trailer with Yuvi which heightened anticipation and created a memorable experience for the audience.

Strategy & Execution:


The ‘Sixer’ campaign for Amazon miniTV executed a series of strategic initiatives. The campaign kicked off by presenting a captivating challenge to the cricket legend Yuvraj Singh. The show’s protagonists challenged him to surpass his own record of hitting 6 sixes in an over, creating excitement and intrigue.

He accepted the challenge and engaged with the audience through comments on the Instagram video. His participation generated significant interest and curiosity among viewers. Leveraging Yuvraj Singh’s participation, the campaign strategically launched the show’s trailer featuring him. This move created a substantial buzz, increased anticipation, and strengthened the connection between the campaign, the show, and the audience.

Impact OR Results


The Impact of our campaign truly got the internet stumped!

-We garnered 2.4 Million + views,

-144K engagements and

-16K mentions across this campaign. 

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