Ronny Bhaiya Ko Slogan Chahiye


Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare is a light-hearted entertainment series on Amazon Prime Video which revolves around ‘Ronny Pathak’ (Zakir Khan) who leads a double life. The world knows him as the nephew of a powerful politician, but in reality, he is an unemployed 25-year-old who likes to faff around a lot. The show features Ronny bhaiya’s adventures as he gets stuck in multiple situations as a result of his lies. In the season’s finale, the truth is out and he’s finally confronted by his supposed uncle. Season two opens with Ronny aspiring to be a politician. However, he is faced with a tough opponent who disrupts both – his ambitions and personal relationships. As he prepares to run for office in the upcoming election season, we set up a mock campaign to win him support.



Even though the show had a Season one, audience affinity was low. Our aim was to leverage Zakir Khan’s fandom and create awareness about the show and his character Ronny bhaiya, enticing the audience to watch it.


We devised a parody of a political campaign for Ronny bhaiya and got his followers aka ‘Sakht Army’ to come up with a creative slogan to support him.


We kick-started Ronny bhaiya’s political debut with a UGC-driven activity where he along with his friends – Anwar & Kranti, asked his followers & die-hard fans to support him with a creative slogan.
Once we had the audience sharing their slogans, we further amplified the campaign through influencers, seeders and meme pages to support Ronny Bhaiya with the most creative slogans. Post that, we selected the best slogans & got it featured on Zakir Khan’s & Amazon Prime Video’s feed with the credits as a gratification.

The campaign ended with Zakir & Amazon Prime Video luring the audience to sample the show and thanking them for the slogans. Ronny Bhaiya’s political debut got the backing of marketing aggregators like Social Samosa, Social Media Dissect, and Mad Over Marketing.


  • Ronny Bhaiya’s approval ratings were at an all time high with 1.58 M views on the video.
  • We drew in supporters sharing their own slogans resulting in 4.1K comments on the video. We also had verified profiles sharing slogans and backing Ronny in comments section: Vineet Kumar Singh, Saqib Saleem, Aanchal Agrawal, Tushar Deshpnde
  • Ronny became a rising political star as we saw IG posts using the official hashtag grow 19X times.

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