Phoenix Marketcity Kurla: 30 Days, 30 Gifts

To Sell Without Sale

How do you get shoppers to buy at high street fashion stores without SALE?



Sales Target

Bring high street brands in the mall to collaborate & advertise together. Give the consumer more than one reason to shop from the mall and propel them there through the most effective call to action – Free Gifts! Drive footfalls & sales to the brands present in the mall.

Devising The Gifts

Took the offline concept online, showcasing the idea of #30Days30Gifts and the different brands coming together, where each day one earns a gift on shopping. Video format content (Stop Motion Video) because social media platforms are pro-video content. Rope in a known fashion blogger to be the hero of the video & promote it on her platforms as well.


The Return Gift

Increased number of shoppers in 30Days30Gifts – Up by four-fold compared to last year. Participating brands reported that the sales went up of the garments showcased in the video. Successful integration of 7 different brands in the mall showcasing the variety of high-end fashion brands present in the mall. Increased brand awareness and engagement with target audience through fashion bloggers. Around 50,000 views on Facebook with a substantial amount of positive comments and shares leading to a good outreach to the end buyer.


Video Views


Video Shares


People Reached



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