PENSOL: Chalo Duniya Chalaye

The Roadblock

Lack of awareness about Pensol being a quality oil and grease solutions manufacturer since the last 50 years. Secondly, to clear confusion between Pensol & Pennzoil (Pennzoil is also an American oil company).



The Destination

Create awareness about the quality lubricant products Pensol has been offering over these 50 years. Subsequently, launch Pensol’s first ever digital campaign.

Paving A New Path

Conceptualised a qualitative TVC that targets bike lovers. Through #ChaloDuniyaChalaye we aimed at building a connection with our audience by showcasing how the father has been using Pensol engine oil for the longest time and still continues to use it, and how his son carries forward the legacy of using the same oil.


Journey Accomplished

A high TVC quality ad that struck the right chord with our audience and invoked a feeling of nostalgia and relatability among many. The campaign also contributed to the increase in sale for the brand.


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People Reached



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