Nickelodeon Ludo X Google Voice Assistant


Nickelodeon India has always entertained the baccha party with activations that spell topical relevance. So, the ask this time was none other than ‘create a game that they can get hooked onto and create history.’


Amidst the pandemic digital relationships were the only thing keeping people entertained and connected. And while we spent so much time on video calls and Instagram, following videos on how to make Dalgona Coffee, many of us created moments with friends playing online games.

Challenge & Objectives:

The challenge was to pick just the game that could be played with their friends and family while also seamlessly incorporating our toons.
So, naturally the objective of this campaign was to create awareness about the game, and get the baccha party hooked onto it.

Creative Solution:

We decided to take a well-known game loved by all – Online Ludo. In 2020, Ludo was a coveted trend that got everyone hooked within seconds! Plus, the toons were a part of this version of Nickelodeon Ludo! So, to get people talking we used a feature from the popular search engine, ‘Ok Google’. By incorporating Google’s Voice Assistant into the game, we made it both fun as well as easy to play.

Social Amplification:

We got the whole nation rolling the dice on fun through a mix of smart and organic editorial content.
We even dabbled in paid ads to amplify our game further. These consisted of a combination of YouTube in-stream ads, ads on Sony Liv and other ads spread across Facebook and Instagram.

Ok Google, show us some posts

Impact OR Results:

The campaign reached 86,20,629 people wherein over 1 Lakh people clicked on the ad and interacted with it. We also achieved a whopping 42M+ Impressions & 107K+ Gameplays which means 2X higher clicks than promised to give us a high CTR of 0.86%

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