Background & Problem Statement


The wildly successful Amazon Prime Video show, Mirzapur was back for another season. With an established fan base from S1, S2 was going to be even bigger, even better. The 2 year long wait for Season 2 got us treading on a thin line of expectations. We had to acknowledge, address and hype the fandom till the launch of S2.




The prime objective of the campaign was to keep the buzz around Season 2 going by harping on the fandom, topicality, social listening, and talent. Alongside this, we wanted to give our audience a seamless recap of season 1 and at the same time keep them creatively engaged until show launch.

Creative Solution:


The idea was to leverage the existing show’s fandom and reach out to them through all mediums.



Here’s how we made Bhaukaal the epicentre of everything on social media. From fueling the fandom’s excitement to gratifying and sustaining it until launch across all platforms, our strategy covered it all. We pushed never seen before content, scenelifts and crossovers from S1 on Instagram. Leveraged the show talent and their individual fandoms. Hosted a 60 day countdown to show launch on Twitter. Executed a seamless video strategy. Launched a one of its kind news IP and exclusive interviews on YT. We constantly kept engaging with fan and talent sentiments. Alongside all this, with targeted Twitter banters and timely executed ORM, we made sure we were everywhere!



With a perfect blend of social listening, strategy and timely execution, the show handle’s following multiplied by 4X times on social. Through reels we engaged with fans and got an average of 11.6 million views. Our video strategy bagged an overall engagement of 22.3M+ Views & 1.5M+ across all platforms. Our strategy garnered 25K social mentions out of which 17.2K/69% was contributed by Twitter, making our official hashtag #Mirzapur2 top trending in India. Our Microsite – “Mirzapur Ki Haveli” was first of its kind to let fans swap their faces to their favourite Bhaukaal characters

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