The Family Man, an Amazon Prime Original is a spy thriller drama series revolving around Srikant Tiwari, a middle-class guy who is also a world class spy! Through Season 1, the audience grew to love Srikant and felt so many emotions with him, but mostly laughed while witnessing his antics. Be it lying to his wife Suchi, coming up with different excuses at work, or the banter with his son Atharv, the audience lived for his quirks! He truly lived the dual life & how. During the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 which was, well, long…the fandom continued conversations and showed their love for the show via memes and it only escalated around the Season 2 launch. So, we decided to leverage this and designed a contest which would not just bring out the true essence of the show but also generate more memes than ever! That’s how our campaign-#MemeTheFamily came to life and we got to see a spectacle of memes overnight.




We saw a crazy response through memes during Season 1 of “The Family Man” and during the buildup to Season 2. Plus, we are a meme-loving generation. So, the campaign was bound to happen!

Challenge & Objectives:


Season 2 had launched after 2 years and also had a different narrative from Season 1. To understand the audience sentiment towards Season 2, we wanted to-
1). Bring the community together and expand the existing fandom
2). Start conversations around Season 2

Creative Solution:


We leveraged on the fandom and launched a meme contest with the hashtag #MemeTheFamilyMan, inviting everyone on the Internet to create memes about the show, their favourite characters and win exciting prizes. It was a week-long activity via the show and brand handle.

Strategy & Execution:

  • Since memes don’t follow a specific narrative, to set the context and drive entries, we seeded content from the show which was funny and meme-worthy. This content became the inspiration for #MemeTheFamilyMan.
  • We kept sharing UGC entries that we received to level up the competition
  • What amplified our activation further was influencers reacting to the best memes from the entries and announcing the winners in a fun-filled video!
  • Adding on to this, we got the show’s talent to reshare their favourite memes from the contest and amp up the buzz.

Impact OR Results


On the day of the announcement, #MemeTheFamilyMan was trending at number 5 on Twitter.
We received 21K+ entries from 8.2K+ people
The campaign was also covered by News 18, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, and Social Nation.

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