Through the years, Mee Mee has celebrated World Breastfeeding Week and has strived to support moms to embrace breastfeeding and start conversations around the same. This year, keeping inline with the celebratory theme of World Breastfeeding Week, Mee Mee’s campaign, #FromOneMotherToAnother, gave insight into the environmental impact of breastfeeding! With this, they tried to bring moms together to extend their support by taking a pledge to continue to breastfeed for the sustenance and good health of the baby as well as the planet Earth.



Problem Statement/Objective:

The brand objective was to combat the lack of awareness about the impact of breastfeeding on the planet and to educate moms about it.


To create a difference and educate mothers about the lesser known benefits of breastfeeding that have an impact on Mother Earth as well.

Creative Idea:

The insight behind the campaign #FromOneMotherToAnother is that while mothers are aware about the importance of breastfeeding for the good health of the baby, little do they know how their act of breastfeeding can maintain the good health of Mother Earth too. And that’s where Mee Mee’s thought-provoking campaign appeals to mothers to take a pledge to continue breastfeeding for its positive impact on a baby’s, and the Earth’s, health!


‘’The intent behind each creative was to strike the right chord and make a difference in how the brand’s audience understands breastfeeding and its many benefits.’’


Over 160+ moms took a pledge with Mee Mee and shared heart-felt images where they posed with their hands over their heart and that communicated they were supporting Mee Mee’s campaign #FromOneMotherToAnother.

The campaign was amplified further with insightful long carousel posts, stories and an empowering poem!


We saw 99.9% of positive sentiments. Over 160+ moms took part in the campaign. The campaign collectively reached over 1.3M+ people and has garnered over 2.5K+ followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The engagements crossed over 42K+ in the form of likes, comments, shares, story mentions. We also witnessed a massive surge in profile visits for MeeMee, around 1.2M+

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