#MakingWorkEasy in 2021

Background & Insight:

In the year 2020, when the pandemic hit us, the workspace dynamics all over the world saw a 360-degree shift. Work from home became the new normal and people soon adapted in their own uncomfortable ways.ErgoYou, an ergonomic furniture brand by Innofitt Systems Pvt Ltd, was looking to launch their ergonomic furniture tools and improve the work health of work from home professionals.

Challenge & Objectives:

The challenge and main objective was to educate WFH professionals about ergonomic ways of working and break their newfound style of making do with whatever they have at home. That’s where our campaign came to life and we worked on a creative solution to improve their work health whilst #MakingWorkEasy.

Creative Solution:

We executed our campaign #MakingWorkEasy in the most creative and relatable way by showcasing creative and quirky ad formats to drive home a simple message: transform your workspace with ErgoYou to experience max comfort, productivity, and good work health.


Strategy & Execution:

1) We mapped out our target audience keeping in mind- WFH professionals, freelancers, companies that allocated a WFH allowance as well as people that spent long hours working at a table desk.
2) We experimented with various ad formats-Facebook carousel, Google Search; you name it and we executed them all.
3) On a small media spend, we saw a great deal of ROI and knew that this was a game we were winning!
4) Our sales not only grew exponentially but also, created a group of audience that trusted us and kept coming back for new products that we launched.


Social Amplification:

1) Via quirky and thought-led smart content pieces, we drove home the message that if comfort was what they were looking for, they must look no further than ErgoYou.
2) All the editorials positioned our products to be the game-changers in the WFH space that would transition seamlessly into one that is pain-free, improves the customers’ productivity and enables them to work at ease. And, what better than that?!

Impact OR Results

In the first month itself on a small media investment, we got a jump of 186% in sales

1) Sales kept growing…with a 991% increase in 8 months

2) Overall, we clocked a return on investment of 26.97% at an average ACOS of 3.71%

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