Made In Heaven By Amazon Prime Video

The Background


Made in Heaven is an Amazon Prime Original that revolves around the Indian weddings and the social stigmas that revolve around Indian weddings like dowry, LGBT, superstitions to name a few. While these problematic stigmas have been around forever, in recent years, a lot of India has become more progressive & are letting go of certain beliefs. However, that’s only the top 5-7% of the country. The masses still believe and follow these cultural traditions in some way or another. Our objective was to get people to sample the content on the Prime Video platform, and drive home the message that we need to move away from these stigmas and embrace the newer times.




Creative Idea


Weddings are one of the few things that bring people together in India besides cricket. Indians love weddings, so much so, that the Indian Wedding Industry is worth trillions of dollars. Our idea was to leverage ‘Weddings’ as a theme to attract audiences to watch the show and then the show content would do the needful. We built hype by inviting people to witness the biggest weddings of the year and used some Indian customary traditions of sending wedding favours as gifts & celebrated a Sangeet (a musical celebration) with our influencers & customers to make it look & feel like a proper Big Fat Indian Wedding celebration.

The Strategy


Our strategy was simple – we wanted the whole campaign to look & feel like a wedding. We rolled out our ‘Save the Dates’ in the most dramatic way possible by going to the movies. We tied up with PVR Cinemas, a chain of movie theatres in India, and left our Save the Date invites on the seats for customers to come & discover. Another set of Save the Date invites were sent out to celebrities & influencers who invited their fans on our behalf to witness some of the biggest weddings this season. We used another cultural hook of gifting influencers ‘wedding favours’ which is a customary tradition in Indian weddings, which drove massive awareness & helped build our community. To peak our celebratory mood, we did an offline event themed as a ‘Sangeet’ that is usually a musical celebration where families and friends come together to celebrate the couple.


The Result


Our ‘Save the Date’ invites were given the royal touch and were distributed across all PVR cinemas in Mumbai & Delhi before a highly anticipated movie release. Over a period of 3 days, we covered the majority of audience who would be interested in watching our show. Through the influencer gifting activation, we targeted a mix of 150 influencers, with an estimated reach of 90MM+, all of who are advocates of Amazon Prime Video in India & helped amplify the reach of our show through them. This activity was done 2 days before show release date to drive top of the mind recollection of show look & feel.


Overall Reach




Conversations in 2 days

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