KCA India 2020

Challenge & Objectives:

Our biggest challenge this year was hosting a (traditionally) on-ground event in a year where social distancing was the norm. However, our objective was to maintain the level of excellence we have done in the years past, while also maneuvering around the obstacles in our path.


Creative Solution:

We overcame this by turning the event into a “LIVE” episode and broadcasting it on Nick and Voot for the world to see. This was coupled with a fun and interactive digital campaign featuring the newly-formed #KCASquad to amplify it.

Strategy & Execution:

We split our campaign into two separate micro-campaigns, and collaborated with influencers as well as the #KCASquad to amplify each one.


Social Amplification:

On our official social media handles, throughout the duration of the campaign, we built hype around our digital celebration, encouraging the audience to join us.
We started off by taking them on a nostalgic ride, back to #KCA2019. Following this we also promoted the celebration through smart and engaging posts. We used fun and trending formats, to reveal nominees and get the audience to tune in and vote for their favourites.
Overall, we managed to keep both, the hype and our social game up and achieved what we had set out to!

Voting Phase:

In our first phase (Kids ki choice, kids ki voice) we wanted to convert the voices and opinions of kids into real votes. So we created a #KCASquad with celebrities that shared a similar target group with ours, collaborated with mommy bloggers, and backed that up with regular posting on our social media handles.
Meet our #KCASquad
Palak Sindhwani
Shantanu Maheshwari
Zerxes Wadia
Aadil Khan
Aakriti Sharma
Nisha Rawal

Here’s how we did it!

IGTV Videos

From outfit changes, to charades, our #KCASquad did it all to reveal the nominees for the year and encourage the audience to vote. Quick, snackable, and thoroughly entertaining IGTV videos were posted by them, that were later reposted by our official social media handles.

This or That Reels

Hopping onto the trend of the extremely popular “This or That” challenge, we created a fun activity with each influencer that told us a little more about them. They picked their favourites for several categories, hinting to the audience they need to vote too!

Hamleys Post

Partnering with one of the world’s leading children’s brands – Hamleys, Nickelodeon offered the audience a 10% discount on Hamleys products, with each vote. Needless to say, this brought the votes rolling in! Because who doesn’t love toys?

On-Air Phase:

It was now time to create a bigger impact and get the audience on a hype train for the big digital celebration. We tapped into our celebrity and influencer collaborations during this phase with quirky winner announcements, challenges and daily updates about who’s won what this KCA!

Jammy Jam Challenge:

A viral challenge spun around with the main theme of KCA which was to dress in your best set of jammies. We had the KCA squad, influencers, and our audience partake in this challenge which spread on IG reels like fire.


We leveraged the UGC mentions and reposted everything that spelt KCA. This helped us keep the audience engaged and glued to know more about the biggest celebration that was coming their way!

Host Revealed:

The hosts: Raghav Juyyal and Aakriti Sharma put up quirky posts, reels, reminders and took the audience deeper into the whole KCA celebration. We also created a new fandom because of them! We also put up quirky & engaging reels on our pages for audience to engage with our hosts!

Impact OR Results

While taking an offline event online was a big ask, #KCA2020 was nothing short of a monumental success. The campaign reached 2,20,21,983 kids and moms around the country, with 1,89,03,240 impressions and an engagement rate of 8.40%
The campaign received 15L votes nationwide which is the highest we’ve received over the past years

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