Jack Ryan


Jack Ryan is a tentpole show of Amazon Prime Video USA and one of APV’s largest promoted shows worldwide. The show is about a CIA officer who is pushed to the edge, becoming unstoppable in his pursuit of the truth.



Challenge & Objectives

Reigniting S1 views before S2 Launches; Position the character of Jack Ryan as an unstoppable hero & Build awareness of the #JackIsBack campaign to the Indian audience.

Creative Idea

Harping on Festivity and topicality by leveraging specific days where a user would be more active on social media. Next up, Instagram Location Hacking – a way to display subtle show branding while searching for locations on Instagram. Lastly, a task-based gifting experience for Influencers – a fun user gifting experience like no other.


Strategy & Execution

We leveraged topicality by running themed content on particular Indian holidays like Diwali. This coincided with the show launch and struck a chord among the Indian audience. We held an activity where influencers went to iconic locations across India (Taj Mahal, Sealink, Gateway, Red Fort, etc) and held a large #JackIsBack banner in front of them. They then leveraged the location feature with influencers often appearing as the top result when searching for those specific locations. For the influencer gifting activity, we crafted a ‘user journey’ experience, right from receiving a mysterious package, to following specific instructions in order to open it and unveil the contents inside


People Reached


People Engaged

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