The topic of women’s intimate hygiene has always been unvoiced, unspoken, unexpressed –
And to bring in the wave of change, we had to get it #IssuedInPubicInterest.



Challenge/ Problem Statement:

Women often choose to ignore their ‘Intimate Hygiene’ and shy away from speaking about it. This campaign stems from the ignorance in the society when it comes to women’s intimate hygiene.
The problem of not focussing on your intimate hygiene as your regular hygiene has been set in our subconscious since ages. Our challenge was to turn it into a conscious habit and make it a part of a woman’s everyday hygiene routine.


To create awareness about the importance of Intimate Hygiene and how it should not be ignored.

Creative Solution

A survey conducted in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, pointed out common vaginal problems affect the quality of life of 45% of women and they still prefer to suffer in silence.
With more of such surveys and alarming facts, we noticed that while women knew the importance of intimate hygiene, they chose to ignore it.
With the help of Reverse Psychology, we strongly established our key communication that – “Ignoring some things in life is okay, but ignoring your intimate hygiene isn’t!” .The content revolved around scenarios and facts where women often ignore their intimate hygiene and how we as a brand aim to bring in a change.



We kick-started the campaign with some strong and smart social media posts revolving around intimate hygiene – myth vs fact, informational, etc.
Along with this, we also participated in different topical, trending and current situation formats for a wider campaign reach.

We did a few quirky GDNs, YouTube unskippable Ads, Rich Media Ads, created a microsite and also launched an IIPI GIF pack on giphy and tenor, giving the campaign a more holistic approach.

We shot a video for Mother’s Day saluting all Mothers for teaching us not to ignore the important things in life, including intimate hygiene, tying it back to the campaign communication.

The campaign was amplified further with influencer collaborations where some key content creators helped spread the message that “You can ignore everything else, but not your intimate hygiene!”

Impact OR Results:

The campaign collectively received 29M+ impressions and reached 5M+ people and garnered over 10K+ followers on Facebook and 1K+ followers on Instagram. We received 215K+ website clicks on the IIPI microsite.
Our GIF pack worked really well and received 1M+ views and 1K+ shares.

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