Farzi is an Amazon Prime Original show, also an OTT debut of Shahid Kapoor & Vijay Sethupathi. The epic crime-thriller follows Sunny, a talented local artist who falls into the world of counterfeit after replicating a perfect fake currency note. 

Challenge & Objectives:


When we think of Shahid Kapoor & Vijay Sethupathi’s upcoming projects, we immediately associate them with theatrical releases & blockbuster performances on the big screen.


Our challenge was to entice these fans and encourage them to embrace the OTT platform with the same love and enthusiasm, while also ensuring that the Farziness of the show reaches every corner of the country.

Creative Solution:


Given the show’s title and the plot being Farzi, we decided to infuse the essence of the show into every aspect of our Farzi Asli content strategy.

Strategy & Execution:


Imagine being a Prime Video India fan….Counting down days to see the trailer of an upcoming show and when the moment finally arrives, it turns out to be Farzi i.e., a fake trailer. We swiftly seized this chance to create more chatter around the internet & made sure the people yearned to see the real trailer.


Following the fake trailer, we took it up a notch by bringing fake Shahids to add up the Farziness. Not 1, not 2 but we made 3 Farzi Shahid’s banter with each other. We even got his wife, Mira Kapoor and his brother, Ishaan Khatter, to fall into the Farzi racket as Shahid sent them fake gifts.


Believe it or not, everyone has a Farzi side and to bring that out we got popular influencers to create highly relatable reels on the song ‘Sab Farzi,’ sparking a wave of participation from the netizens.

Impact OR Results

– Audience poured in some real love for the show, making Farzi the highest-watched show on Prime Video with:

– 117.1 Million Reach

– 12.2 Million Engagement 

– 183.8 Million Views

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