Eyetex: Real Cosmetics For Real People

Breaking Layers Of Compact

Brand Awareness in a crowded industry online + Driving them offline to drive actual purchases.



The E-Idea

(1) Creating a Brand Identity Online. (2)Increasing Brand Recall online so that customers go buy offline. (3) Building & maintaining relationships online.

Beauty Is In The Eye-tex Of The Holder

Explored a different angle to talk about cosmetics, went beyond glamour and spoke about “Real People”. We chose to showcase our content in the form of a video as a visual story goes beyond a written story on digital platforms. Keeping the branding minimalistic we went with a slightly emotional route to connect with people beyond what our products are.


What We Achieved

Increase in brand presence across platforms, where people now know our products and are curious to know where to buy them from. Queries in January went up 1000% from November & December – Around the time when we launched the page for Eyetex Dazller. Distributor’s sales of Eyetex products have shown a 14% jump in the last quarter – ever since we’ve started talking about Eyetex Dazller on digital platforms.


Video Views


Video Shares


People Reached



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