Enerzal’s campaign delves into uncertainty and battle during lockdown

With more than 60 days gone by since the lockdown, but our fight still rages on, says Enerzal – an energy drink brand in its latest campaign ‘Bas thode dino ki baat hai’.

Produced and launched by SoCheers Films, this home shot video delves into the uncertainty and battle each human being is possibly facing during this pandemic. With the number of days being extended and not knowing when this ends, it is easy to lose ‘Hope’.









Jitendra Hirawat, creative director, SoCheers Films, said, “With so much chaos all around us due to the pandemic, we wanted to talk about ‘hope’ since that is what keeps all of us sane. We are at a crucial juncture and we can’t give up, and that’s exactly what our video tells you. Through this campaign, we were hoping to pass on the positive vibes to everyone.”

Anang Mohan Basu, marketing head, Enerzal, said, “When the idea was first discussed, we knew we had to do this. These are difficult and unprecedented times – Ab bas thode din aur… is to give you this message ‘Dhairya’. Through this campaign, if we were able to instil hope even in one individual, we believe we have succeeded.”