Enerzal’s 80/20 Marketing Campaign


Enerzal, by FDC Pharmaceutical, is a hydration drink with 5 electrolytes which provides relief from daily fatigue, maintains energy levels and boosts performance.
While analyzing monthly sales reports, the brand observed a spike in product sales in the Manipur region. With this insight, the brand wanted to scale up marketing efforts to furthermore amplify sales.


To highlight the importance of hydration for fitness, build a strong affinity for Enerzal – making it the go-to hydration drink for Manipuris, and generate maximum traffic to the Amazon product page to drive sales

Creative Idea:

When we observed that the majority of our customers came from a small portion of our market, we shifted our focus on selling more to customers in Manipur than spending money to convince a first-time buyer elsewhere. To capture user attention and improve brand favourability, we went with a more tailored and personalised advertising approach.


To create a personalised value proposition that connects with the right audience, incite relevant traffic to the Amazon product page and further expand the brand reach & sales


We stepped up our game by harnessing the power of Contextual Advertising that allowed us to integrate the brand message into relevant content and reach our customer niche. Analysing the likes, interests and behaviour of our target demographic, we devised a mixed digital media campaign. We spoke to them in the language that they love – Football. Using specific sports, fitness and football-related keywords and visuals, we highlighted how Enerzal’s IONs boost performance and energy on the field and are a great way to power up your body pre and post-workout. Additionally, we ensured relevant and dynamic placement of ads on top regional websites like,, etc.


The campaign received 19.4M Impressions, delivered 234K+ Link Clicks and saw a Return on Advertising Spends of 2.1 in just 30 days of the campaign. Most importantly, we helped increase sales by 850% for the brand.

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