Enerzal : #ZeroSugarNoFikar


With an intent to increase awareness about their new product – Enerzal Zero, a sugar-free hydration drink, Enerzal used World Diabetes Day to educate people about the harmful effects of the disease. Through strong, conceptual visuals and bold content, the brand drew focus to the seriousness of diabetes by presenting facts and figures about the condition in India. It also provided tips and tricks, so people can track and manage their sugar problems with ease. The campaign concluded by encouraging them to say no to sugar and yes to sugar-free alternatives



Problem Statement/Objective:

India has the second-highest number of diabetic people in the world, and about half of these patients are unaware of their condition*. The brand’s objective was to make people aware of the seriousness of diabetes, arm them with the knowledge to fight it and get them to switch to sugar-free alternatives like Enerzal Zero.


1. Diabetes is not seen as a serious threat to health.
2. Unavailability of detailed information in one place.

Creative Idea:

Sweets are an indisputable part of Indian festivities, especially Diwali where it’s a tradition to distribute them to family and friends. With World Diabetes Day and Diwali celebrated on the same day this year, Enerzal used the opportunity to talk about diabetes and encourage people to pass on the joy of Diwali without the sugar. #ZeroSugarNoFikar


The campaign #ZeroSugarNoFikar was executed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with Instagram being the primary platform.

It was divided into three parts:
In the first phase, Enerzal focused on sharing facts and figures about diabetes and cautioning their audience to not fall into the sweet trap.


In the second phase, the brand looked at teaching the audience to track and combat diabetes through helpful tips and tricks. Through a series of sponsored ads, they were able to stress on the gravity of the condition and also increase brand traction and engagement on social media.


In the third phase, the brand established Enerzal Zero as an alternative to fizzy sugary drinks, one that can help people usher in the festive season without compromising on health. The brand also made use of the Instagram guide feature, as a one-stop informative guide on diabetes that covered everything from statistics to solutions.



Enerzal successfully got people talking about diabetes and the increased problems for diabetics, particularly during the festive season. The brand also firmly established Enerzal Zero as a perfect partner for diabetic and health-conscious people.

Enerzal witnessed a 56.2% increase in engagement through the campaign reaching 2.3 Lakh people with 2.6 Lakh impressions. The brand also saw a 10% increase of followers on Instagram with a higher number of saves during its duration.

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