EnerzaL: Unsung Heroes

The Obstacle:

Heroes are often hidden right amongst us. But what most people are unaware of is the significance of EnerzaL and how it is a vital part of every unsung hero’s life.



Fighting against the odds:

Building brand recall, recognition, consideration and increasing engagement on social media platforms. The aim was also to glorify the unsung heroes by establishing the idea of how they consider responsibility to be a privilege and dedicate their lives to the country.

Energizing for the win:

A video that shows how the unsung heroes constantly stay put for the country and how EnerzaL caters to those who make our lives better.


A Glorious Victory:

We made an inspiring DVC that establishes a connection between the brand and the target audience, whilst simultaneously glorifying the bravery, sacrifice, and will-power of the picket soldiers in the Indian Army by showcasing how EnerzaL boosts and empowers them in their pursuit for the nation’s peace.


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