Crushing the internet with our Content Marketing Strategy for miniTV’s Crushed


‘Crushed’ is one of the most popular romantic series on Amazon miniTV – a FREE OTT streaming service that hosts various shows and movies catering majorly to Gen Z. The show revolves around school-time drama & love, where the main lead – Aadhya, is an audience favourite.
After reeling in the love with Season 1, the show was all set to launch Season 2 and spread more love across the miniTV audience and people.


Challenges and Objectives:

The expectations from Crushed Season 2 were already sky-high amongst the audience. We wanted to ensure our content strategy resonated with our young janta’s emotions. Our objective was to evoke that school-time nostalgia filled with love once again like Crushed Season 1 did and build relatability to kickstart conversations around season 2.

Creative Solution:

The nostalgia of those exciting yet dramatic teenage years & that pehla pyaar waali feeling hits differently, doesn’t it? Keeping in mind the existing fanbase of the show & its well-established characters, First Love, School Nostalgia & Crushing over the Cast became our editorial recipe for tugging at our young janta’s heartstrings.

Strategy & Execution:

With a carefully-devised content strategy, we declared 3rd December as ‘Crush Day’, crowning Aadhya as the ‘official Crush of miniTV’. We took the celebration up a notch by getting various Gen Z influencers like Viraj Ghelani, Sourav Joshi, etc. to join us for #CrushDay and share their own crush stories.

And who’d miss out on the chance to go big for their crush? We made Aadhya the face of miniTV on her birthday, treating fans to a virtual birthday bash and getting them to engage with their favourite through an interactive Q&A session.

Towards the launch, we strategically released editorial content centered around school, love, and nostalgia to heighten our audience’s anticipation and excitement. To keep the hype going after, we also got the cast involved in creating a collection of fun school games through video sketches and used trending reel formats with school tie-backs across social media platforms.

Impact and Results:

A sense of love and nostalgia was back in the air as the campaign garnered 84.8M views, an Engagement of 13M, and over 129K shares across all social platforms. And just like S1, Crushed season 2 had everyone swooning harder over their ‘pehla pyaar’ and the show in equal measure.

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