For every third person you see walking down the street, you’ll notice them wearing boAt earbuds or headphones. And this very fact has established boAt’s standing as the No.1 earwear audio brand in India and the 5th largest wearable brand globally.

Challenge & Objectives:


boAt is known for its superior quality audio wearables at reasonable prices, but seldom do people turn to boAt for their smartwatch needs. And with many players in this category, the challenge was to break through the clutter and make the new watch drop – The Lunar Connect Pro – stand out as a premium yet accessible smartwatch, packed with unique features like Stance Beam Ai, customizable watch faces, amoled display and more.

Creative Solution:


To create a Lunar ambience on people’s feeds, we devised a stellar 3D visual campaign showcasing how the new smartwatch is designed to provide an out-of-the-world experience with its unique features.


– We started off by creating buzz around our core communication i.e. #CraftYourSpace, reiterating the message of how one can stand out with their distinctive style using Lunar Connect Pro.
– Used terms and visuals related to outer space to showcase the key USPs of the smartwatch and gain the audience’s attention
– Created really exceptional and immersive 3D videos that enhanced the depth and realism of visuals with captivating animations, bringing the smartwatch to life
– Crafted a vibrant wireframe for boAt’s website that encapsulated all the features and offerings of the smartwatch

Impact OR Results

  • The campaign received a total reach of 1m+ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined.
  • The main Product Video garnered a total of 533K Views on YouTube, whereas the Watch Faces Video received 232K organic views on Instagram reels.
  • Overall, the campaign led to a positive chatter around the product on the internet and made people sit on the edge of their seats for the launch.

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