• Content Manager (Copywriting) - Mumbai
    Content Manager / 3 years to 4 years / Mumbai

    Who you are?

    • You eat, breathe, sleep brands and everything social media content

    • Innovation runs in your blood and is always on top of digital marketing trends

    • Everything you see on social media looks like an opportunity for you to create some amazing work on the brands

    • You always have a quirky caption up your sleeve - words just keep coming to you

    • You deep dive into the strategy for the brand and can come up with short-form content that is innovative, creative and provide solutions

    • You have a knack with words and understand the social media content consumption pattern

    • You are known as the ‘Grammar Nazi’ for English and Hindi

    • Have an impeccable ability to understand client briefs and concept

    • Have worked in a digital agency and understand the pulse of advertising

    • Have managed a team of content writers

    What You will do?

    • You will be writing copies for brands ranging from binge-watch worthy OTT shows to a kids brand like Edamamma to financial brands like Kotak

    • You will be responsible for developing and executing content strategies that drive brand awareness and promotions

    • You will be given the charge to think creatively to produce some new and trending ideas for various platforms

    • You will be working with the creative teams to create content that engages and resonates with the target audience

    • You will also be responsible for working and coordinating with various teams to pitch to prospective clients and get them onboard

    • You will be responsible for curating the copies, managing and optimizing content across multiple digital platforms

    • You will be responsible to ensure that the systems and processes are followed and also revising them to improve the efficiency of the team and yourself

    • You will be also involved in researching the trending social media trends develop strategies to capitalize on them for the brands you are working with

    • You understand the brand tonality and also maintain the same while creating content for the said brand

    • You don’t only consume lame jokes but crack some too