Comicstaan : International Joke Day!

Co-Creation & User Generated Content

Comicstaan is an Amazon Prime Original, a nationwide hunt for the next best comedian, helmed & judged by some of India’s best comedians.



The Tricky Part & Insights

We built a community full of people who loved comedy. But how do we engage & co-create something with the community? India loves comedy. And India loves it’s version of Knock Knock Jokes aka Haathi Cheeti Jokes even more. The joke form always involves a Haathi (an Elephant) & a Cheeti (an Ant) and together they form groan-inducing jokes with terrible puns thrown in.

The Creative Solution

International Joke Day was right around the corner, so we used that as a topical event to launch the #LambaHaathiCheetiJoke campaign. We had a strong community on Instagram, who loved engaging with us on our stories which helped us understand that they engaged more on vertical content that is more mobile-first rather than our feeds. This led us to look for other platforms where users were creating vertical content in huge numbers, and we landed up on (now TikTok). We integrated our Talent’s faces & their social handles X X Instagram to kickstart the longest joke chain on the internet.


The Outcome

Through this joke chain, we were able to reach 45MM++ people across & Instagram through our communities, talent & influencers, with a spill over to their fans. We garnered 10,000+ entries by 2500+ unique creators, to build the World’s Largest Joke Chain on the Internet – #LambaHaathiCheetiJoke. This activity helped engage and co-create with our community and drove people to watch the show that released in the week after this activity. Through this campaign, we were able to tap our audiences effectively & made Comicstaan the most watched Amazon Prime Video India show.




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