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Comicstaan 2, an Amazon tentpole show finding the future face of funny. It is one of a kind comedy show in the OTT space capturing a widespread audience. Fans of comedy in India constantly consume and share memes, jokes, and gifs on a daily basis. Yet there was no convenient go-to destination for a user to consume/create all three. We aimed to solve this by creating a fully functional interactive Facebook bot that would engage with fans of the show. It would feature characteristics of a quintessential comedian and embodied the tonality of our show. It essentially became the face of Comicstaan



Challenge & Objectives

Challenges and objectives were to : Build hype for Comicstaan 2 before, during, and after; Find a way to engage with the audience in one convenient location’& Grow the pre-existing Comicstaan community as much as possible.

Creative Idea

Indian comedy fans are addicted to memes, gifs, and jokes. We added a way to add all three as engagement tools withing the bot itself. Along with an unlimited collection of weekly jokes, and an inside scoop on all things Comicstaan.


Execution & Impact

Co-ordinated marketing campaign by both Comicstaan and Prime Video India to promote BOT Funny Dost. We even got influencers and comedians to use it in their stories and posts. Innovative execution involved the BOT committing faux pas as if it were human error, a “cat” walking across the keyboard, and many such unique instances. This made the bot seem real and approachable. In just 6 weeks, we earned 1 million+ conversations, 52K unique users and counting, 6K custom memes generated, and counting. The average time for each user spent on the bot averaged to 4 minutes (4x the industry standards). We also got ourselves widespread media coverage across Twitter and the media.




Custom Memes Generated


Unique Users

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