Cipla – Innoventia

The Origin:

Cipla is recognized as a company that makes a positive social impact to the world through activities that are part of their core business strategy. With a philosophy of ‘Caring For Life’, Cipla launched its innovation challenge called ‘Innoventia’ in April 2018, to awaken innovators in the healthcare space to find a path-breaking solution to unmet needs of patients.



Problem Statement

The only question here was to find a way to disrupt the routine of the internal team, thus breaking their monotonous regime and encouraging them to do something bigger and challenging We had to spread the message out to them loud and clear that, Innoventia was their chance to make a mark in history and change the future of healthcare with a spark of innovation.

The Concept

Instead of direct advertising, we chose to create a programme like Innoventia which not only helps drive the brand name & association of Cipla with newer ideas and entreprenuership, but also helps spread their wings in other business ideas, in turn adding to their top line. The campaign translated into: Social media creatives, Content, Digital Videos, Brochure, Pen Drives, Diary, Invite, Standees, LED videos, Lanyards and ID cards, Newspaper advertisements and a lot more. Through Innoventia, Cipla was able to reach out to entrprenuers across the healthcare spectrum through various digital platforms and connected with them to chart newer paths for healthcare.


The Result

We received an overwhelming 2000+ business plans, some great ideas that could be taken forward and benifit the healthcare space.


Business Ideas



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