Cheers to Vin-ingful journey

I remember those days when I was preparing for my final Presentation at IIDE. My partner Nitesh Dulani and I had no idea about how are we going to crack this final session of our digital learnings. But we did not give up inspite of cutthroat competition

D-Day is here and all pumped up and the excitement level was at sky-high. We entered the room and presented our bit to the jury and what we see? Positive feedback from the jury! We did it! Leaving the room with a big fat smile on our face.

Now the real hustle started. Finding a job and stepping into the real world was challenging. During this time, my family and my best friend Juhi Mutha held my back and motivated me not to stop in what I do and most important – believe in yourself. I started applying for jobs and I had a clear thought in my mind that I won’t settle for less. That mindset kept me going and after giving a bunch of interviews in different organisations and then SoCheers happened – finally, after 2 round of interviews, I bagged a full-time position as a Brand Experience Executive.

The level of excitement was sky-high, and the warm and friendly welcoming team made me feel comfortable. I realized I belonged to a super-talented team. From there the journey started under the guidance of my super talented and the super supportive team heads Tanvi Bosmia, Anjali Dsouza, and Persly D’Souza and my team members Abigail Pashana, Tanmai Achara, Vaibhavi Panchal. The environment around me made me more comfortable in my day to day job and also made me inspired to try out and experience new things.

With baby steps, I completed 5 months in the organization and I feel like I am working since months, In this few months I have made good friends and have met super talented and great leaders Mehul Gupta, Siddharth Devnani and Rajni Daswani (When they address a team they help us get that energy back and motivate us to give our best in what we do). I consider myself fortunate enough to have met such talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic leaders, whom I’ve always found committed to excellence.

“Learn, try new things, and excel in what we do,” which means we need to be innovative, we need to transform ourselves to become more creative and open to challenges. Life at Socheers is full of rewards and recognition, and lots of employee engagements. Working at Socheers is about making work fun, having a good work-life balance, as well as good synergy between work culture and productivity.

This small journey has made me grow as a professional and also as an individual.

I am grateful to start my digital journey with SoCheers and hoping to learn more and excel in life.


By Vinit Wala,

Brand Executive, SoCheers