Every year Croma hosts a property named #BreakfastWithApple, where Croma delivers the new iPhone first thing in the morning & for people who pre-book the latest iPhones, they can visit the store and collect them the same day as the world-wide release.

Challenge & Objectives:


With the launch of the iPhone 14 this year, we wanted to build hype, spread awareness and get Apple lovers to pre-book their phones on!


Our goals:
– Create a buzz around the event in a fun and quirky way
– Get more and more people to pre-book the iPhone 14


Creative Solution:


Everyone loves a surprise right? So, we sent out mysterious gift hampers from Croma to influencers. What followed were some hilarious reactions, theories and leaving them craving for more information!

Strategy & Execution:


1. We packed 14 apples in a gift hamper and sent them out to Danish Sait, Dolly Singh, Kunal Chhabriaa, Kareema Barry, Anmol Sachar and others.

2. It also included a lil’ note that contained a QR code that led them to the pre-booking page.

3. A 2 day activity, where the influencers created hype on Day 1, and revealed the pre-booking link on Day 2. Here’s how it went down!

4. Day 1: The influencers took it to their stories on Instagram, tagging Croma and asking why have they sent them 14 apples and what are they supposed to do with it.

5. Day 2: They closed the loop, by posting another story the next day, recalling the ‘14 apples’ in the hamper and the note with it which had a QR code, redirecting users to the pre-booking link

Impact OR Results


– Our hamper became the talk of the town.
– The influencer stories got a total of 655k+ views and 9k+ link clicks
– 75+ deliveries happened on the D-day before 9 AM
– This Activity led to increase in iPhone Orders by 45% (compared to last iPhone Launch)
– As a ripple effect, other Apple products’ sales increased by 40%

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