Challenge & Objectives:


We’re living in a world that’s facing a pandemic. The healthcare and frontline workers have been working tirelessly to help us all move forward and towards better times. The objective of our campaign was to pay tribute to these workers who are nothing less than superheroes, whilst also keeping the tone light, informative, and with a side of toon humour.
The intent was simple, to show the toons as a sidekick/support to the healthcare workers. In effect, the Robin to their Batman. Also, to make the kids aware of the basics to follow, like SMS- social distancing, mask up, and sanitize, to help the workers achieve their goals and not add to their work.



Creative Solution:


The toons were showcased following all the norms that would inspire the kids too. We used fun and smart post formats to drive home one message: How to be a hero for the superhero and the solution was always: SMS.

Strategy & Execution:


We ran a month-long campaign with phase-wise communication.
In the start, we established how the toons are supporting the superheroes by becoming heroes via silhouette-based illustrations. The design visuals that came into play here, added magic to the beautiful and thought-provoking campaign communication.
Once we launched, we went all out! If there was an engaging post format we thought of, we tapped into it and packed a punch with a toonish touch.
It was important that the kids that follow Nick India religiously, also, adapt by the SMS protocol that we amplified via our posts, stories, reels and more.

Social Amplification:


Throughout the campaign, we spelt out how the kids can be heroes to the superheroes just like the toons. Without bringing out the nature of these dark Covid times, we created an impact with our content pieces through positive tonality and strong messaging. Be it the correct steps to mask up or socially distance or sanitize, we had the kids well-equipped with them all, and with a toon element involved.

We started our campaign with a 3 tile illustration grid and then collaborated with illustrators like
India Illustrator, Yogesh Bhusare & Metro Doodles to communicate our core idea and further amplify our messaging.

Nick_ poster campaign-03
Nick_ poster campaign-02
Nick_ poster campaign-01

Impact OR Results


The campaign reached 1,73,63,658 kids and with an engagement of 2,99,502.

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