Badtameez Dil



A modern-day love saga where ideas of old-school romance clash with new-age perspectives about love and relationships. We see these two ideologies colliding in Amazon miniTV’s Badtameez Dil, a rom-com produced by AltBalaji. 


Challenges and Objectives

  • To introduce a new-age, edgy, and modern tale of romance to an audience who is accustomed to watching sweet, teenage love stories on Amazon miniTV.
  • Activate the fanbase of the lead duo Barun Sobti and Riddhi Dogra.
  • Create a conversation among the netizens before the release of the trailer.


Creative Solution


Just about everybody has come across at least one Karan in their life. That’s because it is the most popular name in India. 

And it happened to be the name of the protagonist of our show – who thinks he is an expert in love and relationships which he isn’t. So, he earned himself a notorious name, especially among the ladies. That’s why we wanted to call him out by saying #KaranBadtameezHai and drive people to watch the trailer of the show. 


Strategy and Execution


Playing the name card, we put a word out there! The show’s female lead Riddhi Dogra went live with a cryptic post calling out Karan as Badtameez!

Overnight, around 455k+ Karans across the nation came under the social spotlight with numerous tags and DMs. No one was spared, not even the actors and influencers named Karan. This captured everyone’s attention and fueled speculation. 

To tame the curiosity we launched the trailer of Amazon miniTV’s Badtameez Dil where we revealed the real Badtameez Karan – our very own male lead!

And all the other Karans? They redirected people to him a.k.a the show and off their backs!

Next, we know, it was the most talked about activity on the internet.




This captured everyone’s attention with everyone tagging the Karan in their life with #KaranBadtameezHai


The campaign garnered 

6.3M+ Trailer Views

35M+ Reach

7M+ Engagement

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