Amazon Prime Video’s Mobile Edition

Challenge & Objective:

Amazon Prime Video IN was launching a stand alone service Prime Video Mobile Edition aka ME with its first partner being Airtel. The ask was to build anticipation & curiosity around the service that offered – access to prime video’s entire catalogue, enabled personal viewing and came with affordable pricing.


We noticed a common element between the service and our platform, yes, we made the letters M & E from Prime’s logo disappear and got the internet asking #WhereIsME?
P.s: It was a first of its kind activity done to launch a new service on social media.


We kicked off the campaign by removing the letters M & E from Prime Video’s logo and released a couple of posts with the letters missing. It soon became a trending format with brands, creators, influencers and the cast members of several shows on the platform jumping onto the topicality. Publishing houses and media aggregators were swift to cover the trend. And just when the netizens’ curiosity peaked, we brought “ME” back. This helped us amplify the hype and a day later, we announced PV ME – Prime Video Mobile Edition.

Impact OR Results:

– 30.7M+ Reach
– #WhereIsMe Trending on Twitter (India)
– 3.3K+ posts on Instagram with #WhereIsME
– 67.5K mentions for the campaign
– 100% Optimistic Sentiments From Audience

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