4 More Shots Please By Amazon Prime Video

The Background

Four More Shots Please! – a 10-episode web series is an Amazon Prime Original produced by Pritish Nandy Communications. Meet the girl gang from SoBo as they take on life in the city, one shot – or four – at a time.




It’s hard to grasp a woman’s mind. Now, imagine four of them! The female-centric series got off on the wrong foot, leading to varied perceptions among the audience. Our content route took a detour from conversations related to feminism and the likes until we reached our destination. Thus was born our main campaign, with the main themes of the series. We raised the bar with our goals, and how!

The Strategy

If it’s not relatable, it’s not on our page! We posted highly relatable content in the form of memes, engaging stories, and also created GIFs of our characters. This took the engagement rate on our page up several notches. After all the good vibes post the show launch, we returned some of the love with our influencer gifting activity. The box was designed around the theme of friendship and girls’ night out. We partnered with Fujifilm India, for their Instax cameras which are great for capturing memories on a night out, and with Maybelline India for their makeup. Bollywood celebrities & digital influencers showered us with praise, tagging us and using hashtags like #FourMoreShotsPlease across Instagram.


The Partnerships

We partnered with magazines and content creators to reach out to niche audiences with special screenings – the BFF screening party in Mumbai and the Cosmopolitan India party in Delhi; and a success party with Miss Malini’s girl tribe. We also partnered with online content creators like ScoopWhoop, Terribly Tiny Tales, Humans of Bombay, iDiva and Tik Tok to reach out to a widespread digital audience, which helped increase our brand lift.


Brand Collaborations


Girl Gang

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